Ease of Use

The DuraSafe Stall System is ideally suited to the user who may have a need to relocate the stalls at certain times during the year or needs to redesign the stall setup to gain either more stalls or more open space. The combination of lighter weight and ease of setup makes DuraSafe the premier panelized horse stall system in the country.


DuraSafe Stalls have been used in the rental market for a number of years and have proven to be extremely versatile under the demanding conditions of setup, tear down, and transportation. A detachable roof system is available to allow the use of the stalls inside an existing structure or as a free standing, separate horse barn.

Proven Technology

DuraSafe Stalls have proven their value over and over in multi-use facilities around the country. The lightweight panels keep the labor cost for setup and tear down well below the cost of labor for installation of conventional wood and metal stalls. This time saving translates to bottom line profit when a facility needs to be transformed from a horse barn to a car or flower show the next day. Also, the panels may be used as divider or crowd diversion/pathway barriers in those very shows.


The safety element of DuraSafe Stalls cannot be overstated. These stalls were developed to provide the safest possible environment for the horses and the people around them. The padded lower section of the panels provides a soft target for horses that like to test their boundaries while protecting the horse or person in the adjacent stall. The double sided, padded panel is the cornerstone of the patented DuraSafe Stall System. A horse stall with only a single side of fabric is NOT a DuraSafe Stall and it provides virtually no protection for animals or people in the event of a horse kicking in its stall.


DuraSafe Stalls are constructed of only top grade fabrics to insure the longest possible life. The fabric skin allows for ease of cleaning with simple soap and water. Small holes or tears may be fixed with an adhesive/patch. In the event that a panel is badly damaged, (almost always by the human animal) the fabric can be removed and replacement fabric intalled to bring the panel back to original condition.

  • Lightweight-Panels weigh less than 100 lbs. Stall transports easily in pickup truck.
  • Portable-Assembles and disassembles in 10 minutes. When not in use they can be stacked flat for storage.
  • Safe-Unique patented design virtually eliminates potential animal injury. Interior walls are padded.
  • Durable-Stalls are surfaced with a use-proven fabric of exceptionally high resistance to: tears, rips, snags, punctures, abrasion, cribbing or kicking damage; also to cracking, peeling, fire, weathering and effects of ultra-violet light, ozone air contaminants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals.
  • Versatile-detachable roof allows stalls use inside barns as well as outdoors. Modular construction permits individual stall or easy add-on of connecting stalls.
  • Maintenance-practically maintenance-free. Fast, easy wash-up with no damage to stall helps to maintain a clean environment for you horse.


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