DuraSafe Stall System
Covered Under U.S. Patent #4102307

Durasafe Stall Specifications

1. Stall panel size is 9 feet 6 inches long by 7 feet high.

2. Side and back panel framing is constructed from 1 ¼ inch 14 ga. sq. steel tubing.

3. Front panels are constructed from same material as side and back panels. Gate opening is 4 feet positioned in center of panel with latches located in the middle and at the bottom of the gate. The upper 36 inches of the gate and front panel are vented with ½ inch 16 ga. tubing spaced on 3 inch centers.

4. The back panel is constructed with 15 inch long permanent bar on one side at the bottom corner to allow for 4 way penning of the panels.

5. Panels are constructed with a pin and sleeve connecting system that makes the side panels interchangeable and interlocking for quick stable set up.

6. Lower 48 inches of panel is padded with 1 ½ inch type EPS Styrofoam with density of 116 per c.t. to protect animals in adjacent stalls.

7. Fabric: Heavy duty 22 oz. Per sq. yd. Vinyl coated nylon, water repellent, fire resistant, non-mildewing and rot resistant.

8. Webbing: 2 inch polypropylene is attached to the perimeter and at all frame contact points for attachment.

9. 1 inch "D" rings, 2 ea. On each side of panel for feed and water bucket holders. Located on center cross bar of panel. Approx. 48 inches from bottom of panel.

10. Fabric attaches to frame as follows: 1 ea. Fabric panel 7 ft. by 6 ft.-6inches 1 ea. fabric panel 4 ft.-2inches by 9 ft.-6inches. Fabric panels are attached to opposite sides of frame with Styrofoam padding in between.

11. Fabric is attached to the frame with 10x3/4 self-drilling hex head screws spaced 8-10 inches apart.

12. Panel weight: Front/Gate 140 lbs.


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